Inflatable Party Questions and Answers

How do I book a party at Inflatable Katy?
You can book a party right now online by clicking on the book now link above, or you can call 281-574-3033 during normal business hours. You can also stop by Inflatable Katy Tuesday's - Friday's 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM or, anytime on Saturday's and Sunday's.

How do I book a party at Katy Mini Golf or Katy Go Karts?
You can book a party by calling call 281-574-3033 during normal business hours or you can stop by Inflatable Katy on Tuesday's - Friday's 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM or anytime on Saturday's and Sunday's.  Information regarding Katy Mini Golf and Katy Go Kart Party packages is on our 
Parties tab.

How many guests can I invite?

Prices vary per party packages. Children are charged for if they play on the inflatables, while adults can come and play free, and are not considered as part of the paying guests.  Additional guests up to 30 kids are $10 each.  Maximum guests are 30 without corporate approval.   More than 30 guests will be considered a special event, and will incur extra charges.  Contact management for more information.

Can I invite more than 20 guests?
We encourage you to limit the number of guests to 20 for the safety and enjoyment of everyone. Additional guests are $10 each, allowing up to a maximum of 30 guests.

Can my special needs child attend a party at Inflatable Katy?

Physically and mentally handicapped children are welcome at Inflatable Katy, but must have one-on-one adult supervision at all times to enter the Inflatable play rooms.

When do I need to know my head count if I am ordering pizza, balloons or arcade cards?
Please provide an approximate head count when you make the Party reservation. We will call you the day before your party to finalize the headcount. We order pizza in advance, so we will need a final headcount the day before your party.

What if less/more kids show up on the day of the party after I have placed my pizza, balloons or arcade cards order?

For pizza, once you give Inflatable Katy your headcount the day before, your order has been placed and cannot be changed on the day of your party. You will be charged for the headcount given. For Arcade Cards, however, you will only be charged for the number of Arcade Cards needed, so approx. headcount is okay. You may also bring your own goodie bags or balloons.

How many pizzas should I order for the adults? What about adult drinks?

Typically 1-3 extra pizzas are enough. It is up to you to determine how many adults you think will be eating. Usually there are enough drinks leftover from the kids’ 2 liter bottles (which are included with the children’s pizza order) for the adults to partake.

Can I bring in my own food?
The only food you can bring inside Inflatable Katy or Katy Mini Golf is birthday cake, ice cream and drinks without a $150 outside food clean-up charge (No exceptions!). NO PIZZA MAY BE BROUGHT IN. A $10 per pizza fee will be charged in addition to the $150 outside food charge if pizza is not purchased through Inflatable Katy or Katy Mini Golf.  Pizza must be ordered through Inflatable Katy and will be supplied by Double Dave's. If Pizza is ordered for the kids, the $150 outside food charge will be charged if outside food is brought for the adults. (No Exceptions!)

Will there be someone in the party room to serve my cake/pizza/etc?

Yes, there will be an Inflatable Party Host to facilitate the fun and help you move the party to the time schedule and facilitate the fun. We do all of the clean up so you can enjoy the experience.

Can I decorate the Party Room?
No tape or other adhesive is allowed on the walls to hang signs. Inflatable Katy Party Rooms are already professionally decorated therefore nothing else is needed except for table decorations if you are having a themed party. We want your Inflatable Katy experience to be as easy for you as possible. We encourage balloons and table decorations only. Please no confetti, streamers or silly string due to difficulty in clean-up. You will have access to the party room approximately 35 - 45 minutes after your party starts and an Inflatable Katy Party Host will have already set up the room prior to your access.

Can I have alcohol for the adults?
No alcohol is allowed in our children's facility.

Can I order just large/med. pizzas for everyone?
Extra pizza is available if a base order of pizza and drinks are purchased for the kids at $4.50 per person, which includes 2 large slices of pizza and endless drinks for each person. After your base order for party guest, you can order additional pizza for adults.

Why do we need to put 15 minutes earlier than our party actually starts on our invitations?
So your guests have a 15 minute window to arrive and review the safety rules. That way all of your party guests will be there when it is time for your party to begin and everyone will get the full Inflatable Katy play time.

Can we arrive early to set up the Party Room?

If you are the first party of the day you will have access to the party room 15 minutes before your actually start time.  Otherwise you will not be allowed in the Party Room until 35-45 minutes after your party starts.  This allows the previous party to leave and gives the staff a chance to clean.  

Can I have extra time in Party or Play Room?

If scheduling allows - extra time starts at $100 for 30 minute increments.

How early should I arrive before my party?
Please arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before your scheduled party time.  Arriving early will not be beneficial since Inflatable Katy is based on appointments only. It is best to have the kids wait as little time as possible since they are so excited.

Can I bring my own decorations, paper products in myself and set them up before my party?
Yes. We provide plates, forks, cup and napkins free of charge, however, they are generic. If you would like to bring your own paper products, you may do so.

What else do I need to bring in besides my birthday or party cake?
A cake knife, candles, matches & drinks if you are not having pizza. Sometimes Guest like to bring there own bottled water or juice boxes but they must be consumed only in the Party Room and not the Inflatable Katy Room to keep the facilities clean and safe for all guest.

Does each guest need a separate waiver even if they are in the same family?
No. All family members can be on the same waiver. We have extras waivers at Inflatable Katy.

What else should I bring to my party?
You are required to wear socks so please remember to bring a pair.

Can I download the Waiver online?
Yes! You can download the Inflatable Katy Waiver online now by clicking waiver form link.

What is the Cancellation Policy?
The $100 DEPOSIT IS NON-REFUNDABLE but transferable.

You will pay for the balance of your party on the day of your party. CHECKS ARE NOT ACCEPTED.

If you wish to change your party date or cancel, it must be done 15 days prior to party date.

Cancellations or rescheduling within 15 days of scheduled party time requires a $100 fee. Cancellations that occur less than 48 hours before scheduled party time will be charged 100% of base party price. No shows will be charged 100% of the base party price. If you need to reschedule your party or have any additional questions please contact us via telephone (281-574-3033) between 10:00AM and 4:00PM Tue - Fri or visit Inflatable Katy between 10:00AM and 4:00PM Tue - Fri.

You can also e-mail our manager at